Sportii - Brand and App Design

Sporting app for healthy and empowered communities.


The most common barriers to physical activity are busy schedules, lack of knowledge about local sports options, difficulty with access to and booking of sports centres and equipment, and an absence of like-minded people to exercise with. Yes, the latter is very important! Humans are social animals, so doing things together is way more fun and motivating!

Finding the right exercise partner is hard. Sportii encourages people to come together and be active. It’s open to everybody! Sportii wants to build a healthy community and encourage experiences that empower and connect people.

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Sportii — Your Lifestyle.

Despite our demanding jobs, we all understand the need to be physically active, whether it’s with family, friends, local people, online or alone.

But we don’t want to waste time sifting through community forums or rely on word of mouth to find the right people and facilities. We want an immediate and reliable solution that can cater to our needs, timing, location, and the skills of potential sporting partners. 

Wherever you are and whatever activities you want to take part in, Sportii has the power to match you with the right people at the right time.

sportii phone app
sportii phone app
sportii phone app
sportii phone app

Brand Solution

Together with the Sportii team, we have created a sporting brand unlike any other. The visual language, including everything from the logo to the images and the colours, speaks of movement and socialising. It’s all about inviting normal people who wouldn’t necessarily describe themselves as “sporty” to move their body and have fun whilst doing so. 

Customer research, testing and analysis made it easy to identify a gap in the market and create a brand that speaks to this audience with pride and confidence.