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Absolute game changer. As a young company interacting with large corporates, building credibility was absolutely key to our business. When we started the process with Brighter Future, our brand and communication made it difficult for us to be taken seriously. Fortunately, Brighter Future went deep. Really deep. They really took the time to tease out the essence of what the brand needed to become, not just what it was. The attention to detail of their team of creatives and copywriters is unlike anything I've experienced. Their work goes way beyond executing a mission. They truly care about each brand they work with. We couldn't be happier with the results. The work speaks for itself. Our brand is now an asset.

Thibault Sorret

Founder and CEO of ERS

Working with Brighter Future was a fun and transformational journey. Their utmost professionalism and dedication to crafting a clear and compelling brand continuously pushed our thinking further and further. The result is a distinctive brand and a dynamic new website that truly sets us apart, resonates with our team and gives us a robust platform from which to grow and expand our network. I’m grateful for this journey through solidifying the articulation of our vision and purpose, discovering customer personas, and selecting a visual identity. Their keen eye for detail, high bar for quality, and desire to help those that do good for the planet, sets them apart.

Diana Denke

CEO of Fair Carbon

In my 15 years leading Rainforest Partnership, the team at Brighter Future stands out for their unique and unparalleled abilities. They bring an incredible lightness, clarity, and purpose that probes and digs as we work together, clarifying Rainforest Collective in its essence and purpose. Brighter Future has stewarded the process with us, a group of CEOs and executive directors of rainforest conservation organizations that make up the Collective, pulling and extracting what is in our heads and our prior focused work. They have helped transform our collective voice into accessible, fluid, and clear words. They are fast, patient, kind, demanding, almost all at once, and we applaud their generosity, focus on our planet and purpose. Intensity of the work aside, it is a joy to work with Brighter Future and their impressive team.

Niyanta Spelman

CEO of Rainforest Partnership

We have so much faith in the team at Brighter Future. They have performed far beyond our expectations and have been a responsive, transparent partner, which has enabled us to build a strong interpersonal relationship. Hiring Brighter Future is a no-brainer if they treat every client like they treat us.

Topher White

Founder of Rainforest Connection

The time they spent exploring market entry strategies with us was invaluable – it felt like they were as invested in our success as we are. We've come out stronger, more focused, and ready to take on the market.

Philippe Jutras

Founder of Plant Cell Institute & Aberland

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