Brighter Future was built by a desire to propel and amplify organisations who are building a better tomorrow.

Where Our Story Begins

The transition into parenthood is a shared experience that unites people from all walks of life, bridging cultural and community divides; it’s an experience that fundamentally alters our perspectives and identities. As our founders, Aaron and Catherine, embarked on this transformative journey, they were struck by a heightened awareness of the immediate environmental challenges that threaten our beautiful planet — challenges that will escalate without decisive action.

Confronted with the responsibility of nurturing a new life, they also experienced a torrent of accountability, not just towards their child but to the world that awaited him. The environmental crisis, no longer a distant threat, suddenly became a deeply personal concern. This is the moment Aaron and Catherine fully recognised our planet’s fragility, spurring a commitment to create meaningful change.

Yearning to work towards a greater purpose, they decided to harness their skills for a more sustainable, responsible world. With Aaron’s expertise in filmmaking and marketing, and Catherine’s background in strategy and design, they embarked on a quest to enact change, believing firmly in the collective responsibility to address this global predicament - we all have a role to play.

Recognising an important opportunity, our founders set out to align with organisations at the forefront of environmental stewardship, sharing a mission to safeguard and rejuvenate our Earth. From this union of purpose and passion, Brighter Future was born - a creative agency empowering planet-driven organisations through compelling storytelling, expert strategy, and creative visual design. By leveraging these powerful skills, Catherine and Aaron sought not only to educate and enlighten but to incite action. 

But this isn’t just our story - it is for all those determined to forge a tangible and lasting impact; those who strive not just to inhabit the Earth, but to nourish and protect it, contributing towards a brighter future for generations to come. 

What We’re Here To Do

At Brighter Future, our purpose is fueled by connection, collaboration, and the passion to empower progress. From guiding emerging climate startups to amplifying the narratives of international organisations committed to protecting our environment, our goal is to elevate the efforts of planet-driven organisations.

We recognise the enormity of the task at hand - rebuilding our bond with the natural world. It's a journey that requires us to reshape societal, cultural, and economic frameworks, to redefine global systems, and to diligently support communities on the frontlines of climate change. This work demands collective action, transcending the boundaries of languages, cultures, and borders, in a combined effort to safeguard our Earth.

At our core lies a deep-seated desire to forge meaningful connections for the greater good of our planet. The work we do thrives on the synergy of diverse thoughts, expertise, and perspectives that are laying the groundwork in a worldwide crusade for sustainability. With a focus on strategy, storytelling, and design, we’re committed to empowering and amplifying visionary organisations, aiding them in their quest to make a tangible difference in the world, helping the leaders of today build the organisations of tomorrow.

Together, we can channel our collective creativity towards serving our planet and its inhabitants, aspiring to unlock the potential within each other and advance towards our mutual vision of a healthier world and a brighter future.

Our Vision Of The World

Brighter Future is more than just a name; it’s a collective dream of a planet transformed. It’s the promise of a world where businesses no longer exploit nature, but harmoniously coexist through a cycle of reciprocation and respect. It’s a place where we’ve taken on the responsibility to protect and preserve the environment.

We share this vision with many of our partners, collaborators, and fellow storytellers, who are all committed to safeguarding and nurturing our environment, transcending self-interests, and working collectively for the greater good. Together, we move beyond individual aims, uniting in a concerted effort that transcends borders and siloes. In this collective mission, competition gives way to cooperation, with every partner and colleague valued as a crucial ally in our transformative quest.

Defined by collaboration, empathy, and a resolute dedication to driving positive change, our vision for the future is one of unity and action. We are committed to reshaping the story of our relationship with the Earth, building a brighter future where the beauty of nature and human ingenuity coalesce in the pursuit of safeguarding our world. 


Aaron C. Leaman
Founder & CEO

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Aaron is a communications expert, strategist, creative director, and filmmaker who has helped early-stage start-ups raise millions in funding. Over the years, his love for nature and creative skillset inspired him to found Brighter Future to work towards building a better world for his family and the planet.

Catherine Flores

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Catherine is a graphic designer and creative strategist who can transform chaotic and creative ideas into powerful concepts and designs. She grew up in Switzerland, in the shadow of Bauhaus and Brutalist design, which heavily influenced her work. Catherine is deeply inspired by the natural world and seeks the outdoors to keep herself grounded, inspired, and connected to her personal goals. Her love for these spaces inspired her to co-found Brighter Future and work to protect all wild places for the next generation.

Ben Redpath
Senior Designer

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Ben Redpath is a senior designer and passionate visual storyteller who has brought globally recognized brands to life through engaging campaigns and design work. With 18 years of experience, he is committed to working towards a greater good for people and channeling his love for the planet into every aspect of his work. Ben’s artistic expression goes beyond his professional endeavors; whether he’s nurturing his garden or making music, he’s always bringing new life into the world.

Gabriela Silva

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Gabriela is a graphic designer who has studied at renowned design institutions around the world. She brings a unique perspective to every project she tackles and is always hungry for new ideas that help hone her skills and design work. Gabriela is a lifelong learner who enjoys pushing the limits of her craft to bring fresh and innovative designs to each of her creative visions.

Keegan Sentner

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Keegan is a writer, journalist, filmmaker, and science communicator. He’s a passionate storyteller with a skill for translating scientific information into accessible narratives for broader audiences. As a former biologist, Keegan has worked in many areas of conservation, including research, communications, and environmental journalism. He uses this background to create emotionally powerful narratives about our planet’s complex issues, empowering the efforts of individuals and communities who are promoting positive change for the planet.

Niomi Griffin

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Niomi is a copywriter, communications strategist fueled by a rich tapestry of inspiration – from shaping a better world for her daughter to immersing herself in the creativity and the wonders of nature. She’s dedicated to working with organisations making positive change, from education for underprivileged communities to manifesting her love for nature into her work, weaving compelling narratives for planet-driven organisations

Robert Morgan

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Robert is a writer and content manager who holds a steadfast commitment to combating climate change through his writing. His work blends his professional writing prowess with his unique passions for cultural history, travel, and language. Robert’s passion for exploring these ancient cultures and engaging with a diversity of people has shown him the potential of language as a powerful means to amplify the fight against climate change.

Amélie Guider

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Aimee Leaman

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Josh Williams

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Karen Nunez

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Volodymyr Ratushniy

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