Newform Foods- Strategy, Branding, Pitch & Web Design, Press Release

Shaping the Future of Food with Innovative Brand Design.


Formally known as Mzansi Meat, Newform Foods was driven by a quest for innovation and global recognition, recognizing the transformative power of evolution. This insight led them from the well-known B2C model to a dynamic B2B identity.

Newform Emerges

Transitioning from Mzansi Meat to Newform Foods was not just a renaming exercise; it marked a strategic pivot based on an exhaustive brand strategy, market analysis, and deep brand introspection.

Yet, it was more than a mere rebranding. Their ambition ran deeper, they were building a new organisation that echoed their significant scientific expertise and groundbreaking approach to food technology.

After comprehensive discussions, in-depth brand strategy development, and thorough market analysis, the name "Newform Foods" emerged, perfectly capturing the essence of the brand.

Newform's Origin

Driven by a fervent passion, Newform was conceived to revolutionize the food landscape. Guided by industry mavens like Brett Thompson, Tasneem Karodia, and Catherine Edward, the brand is backed by an unparalleled legacy in the alternative protein and biotech sectors.

Newform's Vision

Newform's aspirations don't end at transforming food systems. Their ultimate vision is a world where delicious, nutritious, and sustainably-produced food is available for all. As they proclaim: "Our vision? A world where sustainable and harm-free food systems deliver delicious and nutritious, cultivated food at cost parity."

In Their Words:

"Undertakings of this nature frequently present challenges, and the creative journey itself can be a rollercoaster of emotions. We persevered and successfully arrived at a finely executed creative vision.”

- Tasneem Karodia, Co-founder Newform Foods.