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Online marketplace for local brands and retailers in LatAm

Inventa - Online marketplace for local brands and retailers in LatAm

When it comes to creativity, inspiration and innovation, Latin America has it all. Local stores selling unique and exciting products can be found on every street corner. But most new businesses struggle to make it through their first year. Every year, hundreds of small brands and retailers with great potential throw open their doors and then quickly disappear. And it’s no surprise, as the process of finding attractive products or retailers can be slow, inefficient and expensive. It takes resources that many new businesses simply don’t have to spare. Inventa is here to change that. Their mission is to turn business owners’ overwhelm and uncertainty into empowerment and peace of mind, giving them the clarity needed to work on their business, spot opportunities, and, most importantly, take the risks required to make it through and beyond that dreaded first year. Inventa strives to help businesses beat the odds.

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Transforming Brands and Retailers.

Inventa is a fast-growing B2B marketplace offering comprehensive solutions for brands and retailers. Their easy-to-use online marketplace is specifically designed for small- and medium-sized brands and retailers across Latin America.

Inventa offers them the opportunity to scale their businesses and stop worrying about customer service, credit and shipping with solutions not found elsewhere, such as an intuitive, searchable interface for listing and purchasing inventory, access to faster payments and customised financing plans, alongside logistical support and integrated enterprise resource planning systems, all of which work together to seamlessly increase efficiency, free up time, and reduce financial risk. But it doesn’t end there. Inventa is always on hand to provide live support and guidance. Because Inventa doesn’t just partner with businesses, they help transform them.

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Brand Solution

Together with the Inventa team, Brighter Future created a brand that stands out among the competitors. The visual and spoken language used invites retailers to explore this friendly place where everyone is cared for, supported, and given the opportunity to grow their business. Although Inventa is a young startup, their brand showcases them as more than just a generic MVP. Instead, it presents a playful visual expression of their inner workings, creating a common ground upon which to connect with their audience.

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