Launching a Brand to Empower Community-Led Restoration.

Featured Project: Ecosystem Restoration Standard (ERS)

“As a founder, you want to work with somebody who cares as much about your work as you do, and that’s where Brighter Future really shines. They truly care about each organsation they work with.”

- Thibault Sorret, Founder and CEO of ERS.

The Problem

ERS needed a compelling brand and authentic stories that emphasised integrity and accountability, and would present itself as a credible certifier on the Voluntary Carbon Markets.

The Solution

Our team collaborated closely with the founders to identify their essence, target audience, competitors, differentiation and positioning. Based on this, we crafted a comprehensive brand strategy to serve as the foundation for all communications.


It was while travelling through the jungles of Panama that Thibault Sorret first felt an overwhelming connection to the natural world. Surrounded by that untamed abundance of life, it awoke in him a profound feeling of appreciation and awe for the wild places of our planet.

However, as he continued his journey, he came across clearings in the forest, and the pristine wilderness was replaced by a patchwork of silent, wasted lands.

These scenes required Thibault to confront the magnitude of ecological breakdown head-on. But rather than losing himself in despair or indirection, he chose to see these desolate lands for their possibility instead of their loss.

From this moment on, Thibault dedicated himself to addressing the challenge of restoring our planet’s degraded lands, surrounding himself with passionate individuals, such as co-founder Priscille Raynaud, who brought with her a devotion for empowering the people and communities that steward these lands. Together, they began working to build a world where we cherish all species and recognise the importance of the habitats they occupy.

Their journey led them to a single question, which has been woven into the very heart of the Ecosystem Restoration Standard: “How can we achieve genuine restoration that works for the climate, biodiversity, and the communities who call these places home?”

This same question - and the pursuit of an answer - provides the foundation for their every thought and action. It is an unwavering passion to restore our planet’s wild, abundant, and interconnected life.

Vision Story

The team at ERS have a vision of a planet where once-ruined landscapes have been rewilded and now transcend borders, countries, and entire continents. In each of them, populations of native species have returned to reclaim their habitats and rightful place in the natural system. 

The people and communities that steward these lands are valued, and their work is appreciated. Their knowledge and rights are respected, and they lead the way on the frontlines of restoration.

The introduction of the Ecosystem Restoration Standard elevated global efforts toward restoration, helping spark the recovery of these lands and their biodiversity. The approach they employed redefined the certifier’s role, and the technology developed rebuilt trust in the Voluntary Carbon Markets. Their work paved the way forward to global net-zero, igniting a worldwide movement to restore our planet’s once-degraded lands.

This is their vision of the future, a picture of our potential, a wilder Earth where people and nature may thrive once again.

Purpose Story

The natural systems of our planet are facing an alarming loss, with over two-billion hectares of degraded lands, an area roughly twice the size of Europe, urgently needing restoration.  

On the ground, local communities have a critical role to play in the stewardship of these lands. Their work and intimate knowledge of the landscape is invaluable to global restoration efforts; but without access to vital funding, they are limited in their ability to help restore our planet’s degraded lands.

Their work aims to empower these communities to work alongside organisations on holistic restoration projects that, providing them with the resources they need to combat climate change, uplift biodiversity, and improve their livelihoods


The logo, which sits at the heart of the new identity, evokes the “E” of "Ecosystem" and is moving in an upwards direction, representing ERS’ core value of “raising the bar”.

The three arms represent ERS’ key impact measurements: climate, biodiversity, and livelihoods, which are critical parts of the company’s efforts to restore the planet.


Most organisations visually represent themselves using the same colours—mainly blue and green—to create an obvious connection to the natural world. To truly set ERS apart, we made a conscious decision to avoid any colours representing nature. Instead we chose a black, white, and gold colour way and let compelling nature-driven imagery speak for itself. This refined palette was chosen to denote the quality of ERS' projects, which aim to set a new standard in the voluntary carbon markets.

In Their Words:

Absolute game changer. As a young company interacting with large corporates, building credibility was absolutely key to our business. When we started the process with Brighter Future, our brand and communication made it difficult for us to be taken seriously. Fortunately, Brighter Future went deep. Really deep. They really took the time to tease out the essence of what the brand needed to become, not just what it was. The attention to detail of their team of creatives and copywriters is unlike anything I've experienced. Their work goes way beyond executing a mission. They truly care about each brand they work with. We couldn't be happier with the results. The work speaks for itself. Our brand is now an asset.

- Thibault Sorret, Founder and CEO of ERS.