Climate Blueprint - Branding, Pitch, Web & Poster Design

Developing an Identity for Climate Blueprint.

Film Background

After experiencing the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria in 2017, the Caribbean island of Dominica chose to take radical action in the face of climate change: to become the most climate resilience nation in the world. Five years later, they have the plan to make this vision a reality. 

From Fury to Resilience: Dominica's Climate Blueprint.

In the midst of global demands for climate solutions, 'Climate Blueprint' serves not just as another film but as a beacon. The film highlights and amplifies the voices of small communities on the forefront of climate change, communities who, despite their size, are making significant strides in climate resilience and adaptation. Our mission was to craft a unified identity for 'Climate Blueprint' that seamlessly integrates across various platforms, from the film itself to the website, a pitch deck, and promotional posters.

Island Voices: Climate Advocacy from Dominica to Barbados

The series begins its tale with Dominica, once battered by the fury of Hurricane Maria in 2017. But instead of bowing to nature's wrath, the island nation envisioned itself as the global epitome of climate resilience.

From Dominica's resilience blueprint, the series shifts focus to Vanuatu, where the clarion call is for the recognition of 'ecocide law.' The journey doesn't end there. The series will also spotlight Barbados, delving into their trailblazing initiatives to overhaul global financial systems. Through these narratives, the series aims to bridge understanding gaps and drive global synergy towards climate mitigation.